samedi 6 décembre 2014

Newcomer of the Year

Hello everyone ! :) 

Soon Christmas, looking forward !! I'm so excited ! :)

as the title says, I wanted to tell you about a revelation of the year, a singer I love recently but I think everyone knows.
She started as an actress on Nickelodeon in Victorious. But now she really stood comedy actress title for adolescents. At 21 I think she has managed her life. I am talking about Ariana Grande! And yes I'm a big fan of her voice, and her album :) For Christmas I think it would be perfect as a gift if you lack inspiration. She has an amazing voice often compared to Mariah Carey but I do think she has her own talent, I love it. This year I think its been a year, as a great singer recognized the public. Congratulation Ariana Grande continues to the delight of your fans :)

  A small piece especially for Christmas! ; )

See you soon;)